Skip Hire Sizes Guide

Private Land

A skip may be placed on private land provided that permission has been granted from the landowner. A skip placed on private land is done so at the hirer’s own risk.  The hirer should therefore pay particular attention to access and ground conditions.

On a Highway

A skip may be deposited on a highway with the consent of a highway authority.  Such consent may be granted unconditionally or subject to the terms and conditions of the highway authority. 

The terms and conditions may include restricting the dimensions of the skip, the manner of making it visible to traffic, determining its siting, lighting, guarding, care and disposal of contents, and removal at the end of the period. 

A skip deposited on a highway that is maintainable at public expense may be subject to a charge for occupying the highway.  A highway includes the carriageway, verge, and footway.  Anyone depositing a skip without permission is guilty of an offense. Choose our skip hire company to guide you through this process.