Our Mission

Currently relies on landfills to meet the majority of its waste disposal obligations, recycling just 8% from the waste stream.

In the light of new and pending legislation and developments in waste collection and disposal technology, the UK is now engaged in developing a new waste strategy that better incorporates all people in the waste management process to ensure that the legislative and environmental targets are met.

The aim is to select the Best Practicable Environmental Option for municipal waste management in UK towns, taking cognizance of other waste streams like skip hire.

The waste strategy must meet the County’s needs in the short to medium term and, in keeping with the aim of sustainable development, ensure that any short to medium term solutions are not detrimental to long term needs.

New waste management arrangements will involve the United Kingdom working in partnership with each other, their skip hire contractors, and other stakeholders to deliver a co-ordinated collection, recycling, disposal, and civic amenity service.